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Get Prescription Medicines and Other Products in Brampton and Mississauga

At Gillingham Pharmacy, we are committed to offering a high standard of care to our community. Located in Brampton, we have been in operation for over 12 years and continue to strive to be a leader in providing top-quality customer service and patient care. If you require affordable medical supplies and prescription medicines, we can help you. 

Don’t worry about the costs, as we accept all third-party insurance plans. Visit our pharmacists today for everything from prescription reviews, to blood pressure tests, to prescription compounding, and more. For your convenience, we offer free prescription delivery across Brampton and Mississauga.

Our Services

The pharmacists and staff at Gillingham Pharmacy go the extra mile in providing enhanced patient care to their clients by offering:

Blood pressure tests:
Gillingham Pharmacy conducts blood pressure tests as a fundamental component of health maintenance.
Prescription compounding:
We provide specialty medicines and prescription compounding personalized to you and your family’s specific needs.
Automated prescription refill:
Patients can refill prescriptions using contacting us through phone or email.
Prescription delivery:
As a home delivery pharmacy, we are happy to provide free prescription delivery in Brampton and Mississauga.
Medical disposal:
If you are unable to recycle your lids, bottles or other medical supplies, we will happily recycle them for you.

Our Products

Gillingham Pharmacy is proud to carry the following pharmaceutical and day-to-day products:

Walkers and canes
First-aid supplies
Homeopathic medicines
Cough and cold medicines
Oral/dental care supplies

Contact us today to ask us about any of our products or services. Our pharmacists in Brampton are ready and waiting to help you at Gillingham Pharmacy.


Care That Goes Beyond Just Prescriptions

Our pharmacists are passionate about working with you to find the best solutions possible!

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